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 Proudly Selling America's Real Estate
AmeriTeam Property Management
the only brokerage for agents to access industry best resources, support & tools for success!
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AmeriTeam Realty offers a career path unmatched by other brokerages in the industry. We provide the best resources, support and tools of the trade to help you build your business and become the success you desire.
AmeriTeam Property Management

A Message From Our Broker

At AmeriTeam, we understand that the Real Estate business is changing- things that worked in the past may not work as well now.

This is why we provide our agents with dedicated support, on-going training, lead programs, and the most cutting-edge technology and resources to help them do their job more efficiently and grow their business.

Learn from our Broker and CEO what AmeriTeam can do for you.

" Them that’s going get on the wagon. Them that ain’t get out of the way. "
   -- Alan Randel

My direct line: 407 898-4800 Ext. 1782
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Real-World Training Programs

AmeriTeam provides ongoing training for all agents. Our initial Orientation prepares agents with training on our “best in the industry” technology, unique marketing techniques for lead acquisition and provides a thorough understanding of real estate contracts. Additional training is available in AmeriTeam University, our online platform, featuring the David Knox Real Estate Training system plus live and recorded webinars to keep you current in today’s ever changing real estate industry. Support is available seven days a week to insure that your customer receive the kind of service they expect, and that your transactions end with a successful closing.

Excellent Online Training Programs, webinars, and Continuing Education classes. FREE!

Watch the video and meet our Director of Operations & Agent Support.
My direct line: 407 898-4800 Ext. 1792
My e-mail:
AmeriTeam values training and will provide you access to more than 400 videos and support materials online, on demand, any time, anywhere. New agents have access to The Mentor Series II®, a complete real estate selling course. Experienced agents may watch real agents in actual transactions on Real Estate LIVE!®. A new Knox First Tuesday is released each month dealing with current topics in the market.

Cutting-Edge Technology and
Resources to Grow Your Business

At AmeriTeam, we understand that technology has changed the way the Real Estate business works, and Realtors need to embrace that change in order to compete and excel.

You will learn how to grow your business and "work smarter" by utilizing the technology and resources provided to you by AmeriTeam Realty, and how to utilize social media in today's real estate world. 

Check out what our Director of Technical Programs and Support has to say.
My direct line: 407 898-4800 Ext. 1789
My e-mail:

Real-World Training Programs

Whether you have plenty of experience or are a newly-licensed agent, AmeriTeam can help you grow your business.

Follow the AmeriTeam blueprint to guaranteed success and together we can get you on the right track to your fullest earning potential.

Are you motivated to be more than just an agent?

Take your career to the next level by becoming an AmeriTeam Realty Team Leader.  You can bring your team with you, or we can help you build one.

This is What Our Agents Have to Say About Working at AmeriTeam

Danny Stewart, Broker Associate
I have been with Ameriteam Realty for 7 years and can truly say that this was the best decision of my 17 year real estate career. Ameriteam Realty has been nothing shy of excellent. A firm is only as good as its Broker and Alan Randel the Broker of Ameriteam has been my primary reason for staying with this company. Alan has always been available to answer questions or concerns that I have needed answers to. Not to mention his ambition to see to it that each and every agent succeeds. As a former Broker of my own firm I can truly say I am extremely happy to be a part of Ameriteam Realty.

Danny Stewart, Broker Associate
As a Broker Alan understands that he needs to adapt his firm to the ever-changing market demands, and he has done so gracefully and with professionalism. His boldness to put his Associates first by giving them 100% of the commission at a time where other firms were not doing that, shows his vision and passion for what he does. He cares for his Associates, treats them fairly and provides them with the resources they need to be successful at their jobs. I highly recommend him!

Bruno Di Portigliatti, Realtor
Bruno Di Portigliatti, Realtor
Anie Hofer, Realtor
I have 17 years plus, of ​​​​​​​full time experience as a Realtor.  I’ve known many  Brokers  in that time and it’s easy for me to say that Alan is an outstanding one. He is sincerely interested in helping his agents grow and succeed in the real estate industry. He is always “wowing” us with his technological knowledge.  He is an honest and fair man who has a huge heart! He earned my loyalty very swiftly, for he is indeed an admirable man who “truly and sincerely” cares about his agents.

Anie Hofer, Realtor
In my over twenty years of real estate experience I’ve worked with 3 Brokers but when I sat down and spoke with Alan on our first interview, I knew then and there that joining AmeriTeam would catapult me to the ultimate level that wanted to attain under his leadership and support. His years of experience in real estate and unwavering desire “to move forward with the times” and “there is always room for improvement” attitude are inspiring and keeps you on your toes all the time. The monthly meetings followed by sumptuous lunches are informational, educational and inspiring!

Betty Lacson, Sales Associate
Betty Lacson, Sales Associate
Giselle Betancourt, Sales Associate
In researching different firms to determine which was the best fit for me as a sales agent I ultimately chose AmeriTeam Realty. Their broker exemplified the leadership , knowledge, character and integrity I was searching for in a leader. A company is only as good and productive as its director and Mr. Randel is a perfect example of professionalism. He’s available for his agents at all times and understands that this helps them to achieve success.

Giselle Betancourt, Sales Associate
This is a strong company. Alan is one of the best brokers that I have ever known- he is supportive ALL THE WAY. (I like that) commission is paid on the closing table, and the office is a friendly environment.

Liciria “Lucy” Santos
Liciria “Lucy” Santos
Michael Decker, Realtor
I have been in real estate since the crash in 2007, but I have been with AmeriTeam since May 2011. I love the atmosphere and our broker is awesome. If you are looking to increase your knowledge and sales volume I would definitely recommend AmeriTeam. The training and support is the best out there- plus we have 24/7 access to the office.

Michael Decker, Realtor

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